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Tidmarsh Stud Image Gallery

   Debbie and Posh Spike winning AF Advanced Medium Champs a very proud moment!
Mich Williams and Just b Coz winning AF Elementary Champs ...so proud of them..so pleased Malcom managed to not be too vocal   Josie Cottam and Harbour Master going for it, stylishly as always! A very dedicated talented rider and talented horse 
Fiona and all her Boys 2008 Fluke winning Wellington Riding Elementary Champs trying not to look too tall Judy Harwood Celia In Style At Royal Windsor Style Show Mich Williams and Just a Smurf in action..winning at medium....not bad going for an Irish horse who wilts in the heat!!!!   
    The kindergarten Sunningdale or Big Stevie. Fionas partners charger who has retired from The Household Cavalryand now hacks to the local pub!
Laura Burgess having fun with her horse when not slaving away at Uni! Alex with her boys Andy and Archie Tidmarsh Stud Gallery Christel and Conan
Suzie and Science Fiction her jumping horse who has also dicovered he can do Dressage at Medium Regionals 2009 Scarlet Harter being shown the ropes by PJs House Party Scarlet Harter riding a mothers dream horse Croftons positive Thought